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The Brevard Sculpture Project includes 19 western North Carolina native animals that are scattered around downtown. The sculptures were created by local artists. Ann DerGara, who co-owns Brevard’s Red Wolf Gallery with her husband, Tom Cabe, spearheaded the project. The sculpture project aims to encourage people — young and old, locals and visitors — to learn more about and appreciate the region’s native animals, especially as development encroaches on their habitat. At the Brevard/Transylvania Chamber of Commerce, located on East Main Street, there is a pamphlet about the sculptures and their locations, while more information may be found at Finding the animals, however, can also become a fun scavenger hunt for visitors.

The following are clues to each sculpture’s downtown location. The answers are on page 146.

Clue 1: At the heart of downtown, one of the largest land mammals in NC holds court.

Clue 2: Heading west along Main Street, a small gathering of these creatures wait in an alleyway.

Clue 3: This creature makes an annual epic journey. A kaleidoscope of them clings to the movie theatre.

Clue 4: Further along West Main Street, this honey lover stands.

Clue 5: Nearby, these local icons appear searching for food.

Clue 6: Heading back into town, take a right on South Caldwell Street to find this elusive creature prowling at the back of a bank.

Clue 7: In the front lawn of the same bank, this Thanksgiving treat waits.

Clue 8: Head back south on South Caldwell to find these equines grazing on a front lawn.

Clue 9: This American icon shares the same lawn.

Clue 10: Head back over to South Broad Street to find this “tiger of the air,” according to early naturalists’ descriptions, that waits quietly near a classic drive-in.

Clue 11: On the opposite side of the road near one of the park’s entrances, this animal stands.

Clue 12: Heading back into town, look out for these cold-blooded swimmers flying high in the sky.

Clue 13: Somewhere on the library’s property outside, something “great” waits to be discovered in a garden.

Clue 14: At the corner of a historic church’s parking lot on East Main Street, this night prowler waits.

Clue 15: Heading back into town on Main Street, these “little bandits” can be seen playing on a rock.

Clue 16: Close by on East Main Street, some of Alvin’s friends are playing in a planter.

Clue 17: This feline is roaming near Alvin’s friends.

Clue 18: At the courthouse, Little Red Riding Hood’s nemesis lurks.

Clue 19: In the Lumber Yard district, these animals are grazing on the site of a former lumber company, which sits where the railroad used to come through town.

Spoiler alert…

Answers to the clues

Clue 1: Aaron Alderman’s “Elk” stands at the intersection of Broad and Main streets in front of the courthouse.

Clue 2: Christine Kosiba’s “Ravens” keep a watchful eye on Main Street from the Times Arcade alley.

Clue 3: Aaron Alderman’s “Monarch Butterflies” are located on the side of the Coed Theater on W. Main Street.

Clue 4: Richard Merrill’s “Black Bear” stands on the lawn in front of City Hall on West Main Street.

Clue 5: Kathryn Wilson’s “White Squirrels” sit on the City Hall lawn.

Clue 6: Chris Worley’s “Cougar” prowls at the back of First Citizen’s Bank on Caldwell Street.

Clue 7: Christine Kosiba’s “Wild Turkey” can be found on the front lawn of First Citizen’s Bank.

Clue 8: Aaron Alderman’s “Horses” graze on the front lawn of the Transylvania Community Arts Council on S. Caldwell Street.

Clue 9: Chris Worley made the “Golden Eagle” that also sits on the Arts Council’s lawn.

Clue 10: Aaron Alderman created the “Great Horned Owl” near the Cardinal Drive-In on South Broad Street.

Clue 11: Richard Merrill and Chris Worley created the “Deer” that sits at the edge of the South Broad Park.

Clue 12: Lincoln Stone’s “Flight School of Trout” sits on the south side of the library on South Broad Street.

Clue 13: Chris Worley’s “Great Blue Heron” stands in the rain garden in front of the library on Gaston Street.

Clue 14: Christine Kosiba’s “Red Fox” can be found at the St. Philip’s Episcopal Church parking lot on East Main Street.

Clue 15: Ann DerGara’s “Raccoons” play on a rock in front of the Hollingsworth Building’s parking lot on East Main Street.

Clue 16: Christine Kosiba’s “Chipmunks” can be seen playing in a planter at 55 E. Main St.

Clue 17: Steve Fox’s “Bobcat” may be found on East Main between Gaston and Johnson streets.

Clue 18: Richard Merrill and Chris Worley’s “Red Wolf” is next to the courthouse gazebo on East Main Street

Clue 19: Aaron Alderman’s “Cows” graze on the Brevard Lumber Yard property on Railroad Avenue.


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