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The Brevard Sculpture Project includes 20 western North Carolina native animals, and one abstract piece, that are scattered around downtown. Created by local artists using various materials, such as bronze, copper, stone and steel, some of the sculptures appear realistic, while others have been rendered in a more abstract and stylized way. Ann DerGara, who co-owns Brevard’s Red Wolf Gallery with her husband, Tom Cabe, spearheaded the project. The sculpture project aims to encourage people – young and old, local and visitors – to learn more about and appreciate the region’s native animals, especially as development encroaches on their habitat. Three new sculptures – a violin, banjo and saxophone – are also planned to be unveiled this summer. Keep in touch with The Transylvania Times to find out more. At the Brevard/Transylvania Chamber of Commerce, located on East Main Street, there is a pamphlet about the sculptures and their locations. Finding the sculptures, however, can also become a fun scavenger hunt for visitors.

The following are clues to each sculpture’s downtown location.

•Clue 1: At the heart of downtown, one of the largest land mammals in North Carolina holds court.
•Clue 2: Heading west along Main Street, a small gathering of these creatures awaits in an alleyway. •Clue 3: This creature makes an annual epic journey. A kaleidoscope of them clings to the movie theatre. •Clue 4: Further along West Main Street, this honey lover stands.
•Clue 5: Nearby, these local icons appear searching for food.
•Clue 6: Heading back into town, take a right on South Broad Street to find this elusive creature prowling in front of a government building.
•Clue 7: In the front lawn of a nearby bank, this Thanksgiving treat waits.
•Clue 8: Head back south on South Caldwell to find these equines grazing on a front lawn.
•Clue 9: This American icon shares the same lawn.
•Clue 10: Head back over to South Broad Street to find this “tiger of the air,” according to early naturalists’ description, that waits quietly near a classic drive-in.
•Clue 11: On the opposite side of the road near one of the park’s entrances, this animal stands.
•Clue 12: Heading back into town, look out for these cold-blooded swimmers flying high in the sky.
•Clue 13: Somewhere on the library’s property outside, something “great” waits to be discovered in a garden.
•Clue 14: At the corner of a historic church’s parking lot on East Main Street, this night prowler waits. •Clue 15: Not far away at the opposite end of the church on East Main Street is an abstract sculpture that is slightly hidden.
•Clue 16: Heading back into town on Main Street, this fish lover can be found welcoming visitors.
•Clue 17: A stone’s throw away heading toward the courthouse, these “little bandits” can be seen playing on a rock.
•Clue 18:Keep walking toward the courthouse and you will find this feline lurking in the bushes.
•Clue 19: Getting closer to the courthouse, some of Alvin’s friends are playing in a planter in front of a popular watering hole.
•Clue 20: At the courthouse, Little Red Riding Hood’s nemesis lurks.
•Clue 21: A little outside downtown in the Lumberyard district on Railroad Avenue, these animals are grazing on the site of a former lumber company, which sits where the railroad used to come through town.

Spoiler Alert…..


The following are the locations  of the 21 art works that, so far, make up the Brevard Sculpture Project:
•(Clue 1) Aaron Alderman’s “Elk” stands at the intersection of Broad and Main streets in front of the courthouse.
•(Clue 2) Christine Kosiba’s “Ravens” keep a watchful eye on Main Street from the Times Arcade alley. •(Clue 3) Aaron Alderman’s “Monarch Butterflies” are located on the side of the Coed Theater on West Main Street.
•(Clue 4) Richard Merrill’s “Black Bear” stands on the lawn in front of City Hall on West Main Street. •(Clue 5) Kathryn Wilson’s “White Squirrels” sit on the City Hall lawn.
•(Clue 6) Chris Worley’s “Cougar” prowls at the front of the county administration building.
•(Clue 7) Christine Kosiba’s “Wild Turkey” can be found on the front lawn of First Citizen’s Bank.
•(Clue 8) Aaron Alderman’s “Horses” graze on the front lawn of the Transylvania Community Arts Council on South Caldwell Street.
•(Clue 9) Chris Worley made the “Golden Eagle” that also sits on the Arts Council’s lawn.
•(Clue 10) Aaron Alderman created the “Great Horned Owl” that is located near the Cardinal Drive-In on South Broad Street.
•(Clue 11) Richard Merrill and Chris Worley created the “Deer” that sits at the edge of the South Broad Park.
•(Clue 12) Lincoln Stone’s “Flight School of Trout” sits on the south side of the library on South Broad Street.
•(Clue 13) Chris Worley’s “Great Blue Heron” stands in the rain garden in front of the library on Gaston Street.
•(Clue 14) Christine Kosiba’s “Red Fox” can be found at the St. Philip’s Episcopal Church parking lot on East Main Street.
•(Clue 15) Tim Murray’s sculpture can be found to the left of the church.
•(Clue 16) Christine Kosiba’s “Otter” is located in front of the Visitors Center on East Main Street.
•(Clue 17) Ann DerGara’s “Raccoons” play on a rock in front of the Hollingsworth Building’s parking lot on East Main Street.
•(Clue 18) Steve Fox’s “Bobcat” may be found on East Main between Gaston and Johnson streets. •(Clue 19) Christine Kosiba’s “Chipmunks” can be seen playing in a planter at 55 E. Main St.
•(Clue 20) Richard Merrill and Chris Worley’s “Red Wolf” is next to the courthouse gazebo on East Main Street.
•(Clue 21) Aaron Alderman’s “Cows” graze on the Brevard Lumber Yard property on Railroad Avenue.



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