Tannery Skate Park


Tannery Skate Park is Brevard’s newest public amenity, a beginner-to-expert skate park within the yet-to-be developed 26-acre Tannery Park property at the intersection of Silversteen Drive and McMinn Avenue.

The $80,000 project has been financed entirely through private funds that were pledged in large and small amounts during a three-month-long fundraising campaign last fall and has been constructed by volunteers since March. It was slated to be completed in late May in time for summer break. Located on land owned by the city of Brevard, the Tannery Skate Park promises to challenge skaters of all skill levels on three connected ramps of differing heights.

Last October, Brevard City Council approved the construction of the Tannery Skate Park. At the October council meeting, one of the organizers, Jacob Dinkins, said each ramp would be 40 feet wide and 40 feet long, so that more people could skate, as opposed to a few at a time.

“The decks will be 6-foot wide, so there is ample room for people to stand on them and wait their turn to skate, and there will be hand rails all the way around, and benches for people to sit and watch,” he said. “The shortest section of the ramp is approximately 3 feet in height. The middle section is 5 to 6 feet in height, and the tallest section is 7 feet.”

The ramps will be open to the public from dawn to dusk at no charge. Organizers do ask that users observe skater etiquette and wear a helmet and protective gear.


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