Brevard’s 150th Anniversary


This year, the city of Brevard celebrates 150 years of municipal government.

“Some things have changed, such as population, transportation, communication and level of services, but in another way many things have stayed the same,” said Mayor Jimmy Harris. “Brevard still attracts those who dream big dreams and have great optimism for the future and are willing to continue to work hard to make Brevard its best. I often say Brevard is an above-average community. It is because of the people here. I believe we are blessed to be here in Brevard and have a lot to be grateful for. It is a special place, and I pray that the next 150 years brings great prosperity, health and hope for all its citizens.”

During the Civil War (1861-1865), according to historians, Transylvania County was pretty evenly split, as far as loyalties. When the new town was formed in 1868 it was decided to name it after Dr. Ephraim Brevard, who was described as a teacher, author, soldier and patriot. He was born in 1744 in Maryland and came to North Carolina when he was 4 and resided in the area now known as Iredell County. There is no record of Brevard travelling to western North Carolina. The city of Brevard’s forefathers decided to recognize the doctor because of his actions and life’s work, including as a Revolutionary War soldier and his part in drafting the “Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence.”

From those beginnings, Brevard has developed into the thriving county seat it is today. “Brevard has a fabulous history – its people and events make a story worth telling,” said City Councilman Mac Morrow.

That story will be told and celebrated throughout the summer into the fall. “Brevard’s 150th anniversary is a wonderful time for all of us to celebrate our heritage and learn more about the history of our town,” said City Councilwoman Maureen Copelof. “We have a series of special events planned throughout the year, so that we can celebrate this milestone event together as a community. We have so much to be proud of about how Brevard was established and the people who helped shape the town as it grew into the city we love today. I’m excited about our celebration events. There is something to appeal to everyone. I encourage folks to come out and participate, celebrate, learn about the past as we work to create an even better future.”

Among the events planned are a Community Strong at National Night Out on Aug. 7; Honoring the Past during Founders’ Day on Sept. 1; Celebrating Brevard Fire Department’s 120 on Oct. 13; a Movie Night celebrating diversity on Oct. 15; and a Veteran’s Day Celebration of Our History & Heroes on Nov. 10. More information about events as they come up may be viewed at


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